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Raphaël De Bois

I love to make bold portraits, packed with contagiously playful  positivity and, in the meantime, make them look as pure and simple as possible. 

It all started in the spring of 1966 when I was only two. That was the moment when I took my father's brushes and tubes of oil paint (yes, he was an artist too) and started to improve on his paintings. Too bad he couldn't stand any criticism. So, since that very day, I have concentrated on my own artwork.

When I was six, I decided to become a great artist. From then on, there has been only one option, one road to follow in my life, and all other possibilities have been put aside ever since.

What if I concentrated on one subject for twenty years or more? That would give me time to master every aspect of it and improve my set of skills. So I chose the art of making portraits and I quickly developed a distinctive style with an immediate recognition value.

And today, in my fifties, I still enjoy creating those portraits and I work harder than ever. So far, I have shown my work at about 300 exhibitions in Belgium and the surrounding countries. Solo or in a group, with galleries or without, at art auctions, and even in a few museums.

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